A Bittersweet Time

To marathon or to not marathon .. a thought we’ve been contemplating up until recently . I know this isn’t a journal platform though sometimes I treat it that way haha but I enjoy getting my thoughts out on here sometimes …. anyways I won’t go into specific details, but It has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions the last couple of weeks for me trying to pin down some health concerns I’ve had . I experienced an unusual situation after our longest run… (captured here) and had some symptoms that were abnormal .. decided to have some tests done to determine potential causes and will have more done soon . What I’m experiencing apparently can be pretty normal so I’m not panicking, but I’m being proactive in learning more and trusting that it is nothing serious and all is ok. What I have decided though , is a full marathon will not be in the cards until all is healthy and well to resume intense running again . It’s been a bit hard but the good news is that I can focus all of my attention on strength training before we get out on the water in June !!! 🌞💛😊 🛶 The snow is finaaaaally melting and really I’m taking all of this as a sign that my body isn’t ready to take on 42km just yet😉 if it weren’t for my running training I may not have discovered whatever is going on so it’s bittersweet ❤️💙❤️ train hard but look after your body 🙏