A Well-and Fun Race Day – The Regatta Season Begins!

🐉Welland, you were a mighty fine race to kick off the season!! The conditions were perfect , the competition fierce and our team was on fireeee🔥🔥

Was an early 545 am start to hit the road by 6. I’m not a morning person by any stretch but we were thoroughly prepared the night before which makes the world of a difference getting out of bed in the dark on a saturday😝😆 lol but that’s what it’s all about right ?!! That early morning grind😉💪🏻

Welland is known for tough competition and knowing it was our first regatta with only 18 paddlers, we knew we’d have our work cut out for us !
Arriving with my race plan in my head I was soon asked to pace in seat one…like what?! Terrified ( and I mean heart racing thinking about lol 😑) I said I would of course but normally I paddle in the back so it is quite the change! I thought what if my pace sucks , what if I throw everyone off?? 😯

🔻The first race was not my personal best . I felt weak and light headed at the end knowing I pushed it too hard in the start mixed with my shaky nerves of pacing… but I was feeling more confident in the fact that teammates said we did a great job pacing so that was a relief ! Our time was 2:18 and we stayed in it with the other boats .

🔻Second race we fought even harder . We all really dialed it in , focused and determined to paddle our own race and no one else’s . It felt amaaaazing . Smooth .Fast. Together. Time was 2:19. A second slower but delivered much better. We all felt great, we just knew we had to really power through our finish on the next, final race!😊

🔻Our last race we literally emptied our tanks giving it everything we had through until that last buoy. I decided I LOVE pacing now! 😍Lol what a fun and challenging change to be up there! I had to really get out of my comfort zone and as scary as it is navigating through fear I surprised myself and I’m so glad!😉

🔻Our team paddled so strong all day together and our last race finished us in B division, a time of 2:17! 🎉🍻 way to bring it @buschbuccaneers!! 👉🏻8th out of 32 boats!!!