About Us

Meet the Paddlers

Brooke Squires

I was born and raised in (a not so small town anymore) Alliston, ON but have since been in the beautiful city of Barrie for close to 10 years.  With outdoor activity and athletic interest being a large component throughout most of my life, I have participated in everything from gymnastics, soccer, running, dancing, to paddling for the best team ever! – Busch Buccaneers –  I am fortunate enough to spend Monday evenings practicing with a dedicated and enthusiastic team, on Kempenfelt Bay!

Little Random Fun About Me

  • Youngest of 5 siblings
  • Past highland dancer… yes I danced my way around swords. pretty bad-ass
  • Amateur baker but I loooove it
  • Amateur guitarist
  • Lover of all things music
  • When I am not paddling, you can find me at the cottage most summer weekends
  • Was fortunate enough to spend my childhood summers at Camp Pine Crest, learning to canoe, swim, kayak, portage and more.
  • If I could eat Caesar salad and french fries every day, I would in a heartbeat
  • Still working on my life goal to sing in a band… okay, not really but singing is a daily occurrence.. a girl can dream, right??!
  • Foodie: minus the whole cooking part
  • Guilty of getting regularly “hangry”  (you are now warned 😉 )
  • Slight obsession with changing my hair colour  (I tell myself it is a creative outlet)
  • Proud mama of 2 sweet fur babies – our black kitties : Lucy and Rylee
  • Have completed 7 half marathons and hoping to complete a FULL marathon

*5TH YEAR as a dragon boater and I grow more in love with this amazing sport every season.

Andrew MacPherson

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Barrie Ontario where I gravitated to sports at a very young age. I have had love for all sports and anything competitive since playing hockey at the age of 5. Since stepping foot in a dragon boat for the first time in 2010 i have not been able to put the paddle down. I feel my technique and skill has come along way since starting out on a community team paddling a few practices a year to now practicing 2 – 3 times a week, on multiple teams, and participating in upwards of 7 regattas a year.

Little Random Fun About Me

  • Used to play electric guitar in a heavy metal band
  • Have eaten a whole cricket on a dare…mmm protein. no really, I wouldn’t suggest it
  • Love hockey and have played since I was a kid
  • I’m a glass half full kinda guy
  • Geek at heart. I love coding and work as a Web Developer day-to-day
  • I would choose ice-cream over most foods if I had the choice
  • Have completed 4 half marathons and striving towards my first Marathon as well!

*8TH YEAR as a dragon boater and the excitement never fades!

Our Dragon Boat Goals? We Compiled a Little List Together 

  • Would love to learn to steer one day
  • Place first in our local regatta (Barrie)
  • Race a sub-2 would be a pretty amazing accomplishment
  • Continue competing in new regattas across Ontario
  • Confidently and strongly, paddle on both sides. A tough challenge but one we would both like to conquer. Plus you know the struggle; gotta even out the pipes!
  • Motivate those interested in the sport to hop in a boat and give it a go!
  • Share with those interested, training and nutrition that work and don’t work so well for us.
  • Connect with other dragon boat teams and paddlers. We’re interested to know how and why you started, what are your biggest challenges and accomplishments, what does your training routine look like?
  • Travel and paddle!! That would be the ultimate #dragonboatlife.  If you find yourself in a pickle and are short on paddlers, you know who to call 😉 seriously though. SO there!