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As a Dragon Boat Coach you know how crucial it is to have a balanced boat; the front, middle and back all need to be evenly balanced. Left to right balancing may seem like an obvious place to start but don’t forget about front to back balancing as well.  Every paddler counts and makes a huge impact on whether or not the boat feels evenly distributed and ultimately whether or not it will hinder or help your race times.  A properly balanced boat allows for a safe and fast race without the risk of inviting unnecessary water in the boat or worse, tipping. If your back end is dragging or water continues to seep in through the front, this is a sure sign of boat that isn’t balanced. Your steersman will struggle and it won’t be a very pleasant race.

Don’t “Wing” It

How do you know if your will in fact be balanced? Without a strategic seating plan, it’s easy to “wing it” and hope that your knowledge of each individual’s weight and strength is enough to work with….but is that a risk you want to take? Even one pound can make a difference; if 4 of your paddlers gained or lost one pound since your last race, that could be enough to throw your boat off and cause some errors.

The reality is that if you keep losing and you’re training endlessly, there’s a good chance there could be some balancing issues that need to be looked at.  Unbalanced boats occur all the time because sometimes life happens and a paddler gains or loses weight without notifying their coach, they can’t make a regatta all together, or they get injured and need some time off.  The important thing is that you have the proper tools and resources to put together a seating plan that allows for any of these unexpected possibilities.

Limit Time and Stress

We know how crazy (and exciting) race days are, but they do involve a lot of work and attention to detail as a Coach. Not only do you have to ensure your team is physically and mentally prepared to paddle their best, you are in charge of making sure you have enough paddlers, every paddler is warmed up and fueling themselves with the proper nutrition, and of course that everyone understands the race plan. This app will allow you to quickly arrange your boat so you can eliminate some stress, and instead focus your attention on warming up and preparing for your first race. Save time and headache!

Ditch the Spreadsheet

If you’re like most coaches, you may have an excel spreadsheet you work off of to determine who sits where, but if you leave it at home accidentally you may be in for some last minute planning, which is never a fun feeling.  Maybe you are the ultimate prepared type and you don’t forget it; what happens if your right pacer wakes up with the flu and can’t make the race? You need immediate access to your seat planning to rejig the boat before you get out on the water, so what do you do?

We put together what we feel is the ultimate tool for balancing your boat. Forget about your excel spreadsheets and crunching numbers in your head. This Coach’s App has everything you need to plan out each and every race. Not only will it calculate the balance of your boat, you can also pre-plan your entire race day from your phone.

What Can You Expect?

Some Key Highlights:

  • It’s Free! 😉
  • Access from mobile device – no downloads
  • Create multiple events (for each regatta you are attending)
  • Put together multiple race line-ups
  • Ensure your male to female ratio of paddlers is correct
  • Ensure weight distribution is correct and boat is balanced
  • Configure line ups
  • Manage multiple teams
  • Confirm that you are balanced front to back and left to right

See how easy it is to plan your races; the Dragon Boat Coach’s App keeps you organized and prepared. Give it a go!

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