Finally Back on the Water!

This week we FINALLY got to paddle wahoo!!!🎉🐉🙌🏻 after what seemed like the looooongest winter of all time lol
we had such a fun but also tough first practice! I won’t lie , my back, arms, and butt were not too pleased almost immediately..but every year it’s the same thing right 🤣🤣body just has to remember the paddle pain again and push through the adjustment phase!
The water was unbelievably warm for May and we were lucky to have a full boat at first practice which doesn’t always happen lol . Look at that sunset !!! Gah 🤩 we were all smiling from ear to ear.
Our coach was super surprised by our power and synchronicity and we nailed our 500 meter races which was a sweet feeling given how long it has been✅ Need to clean up our start which will be our focus next week ! (before Welland!! Say whaaaat!??😜😯) yup!! We have our First regatta next Sunday!!😃Cannot wait to experience this regatta as I’ve heard it’s a pretty competitive one💪🏻 Also paddled on the guys team lastnight for an extra training night (paddling on my opposite side) to give my body a break!
This morning Andrew and I both woke up saying how sore we are, but as they say…no pain no gain !! Bring it on Welland !!!😎