Reminiscing About Orlando Dragon Boat Camp

All of this snow has me dreaming about camp last year in #Orlando!☀️🛶 💕what an adventure those 10 days were at @gwndragonboat #trainingcamp . While Andrew was heading there for his second year and knew what to expect, it was my first experience doing a week long “dragon boat boot camp” man was it ever an a** kicking too! ( I mean that in a very GOOD way😁) we paddled bright and early every morning beginning each day with 30 min of dry land training .. had a quick bite to eat in our rooms and headed for the water directly after for our first hour of paddling.. I quickly learned that I’d have to suck up any pain and self doubt I had & just push through it regardless of how I felt. Which wasn’t initially very confident as my coach notified me I had been splashing him with my stroke lol😕🙄 oh dear😂 little embarrassing but I was happy to know so I could really focus on my stroke and clean up my catch . Each day we paddled for about 3-4 hours and everyday we would be videotaped which was really effective cause we’d then go back and watch exactly how we were performing and the changes that could be made . We all had work to do but that was what was so motivating . Working as a team each day we supported one another with our “struggles” and praised one another for our strengths . I learned soooo much about my abilities and paddling skills and was by far a thousand times better coming home for the paddling season ahead . The coaches were incredible and really gave us one on one attention( thanks Jim, Brian, Andrew !!🙋‍♀️) By our last video ( 6 days in) I was happy to hear and see, I no longer was splashing the coach lol I aced my A frame and all in all felt like i really upped my paddling game 💪🏻 I wish we were there to join you all again this year! Finishing off the week we ended by racing in salt water , a completely different feel btw, &had such a fun race day meeting so many awesome teams in the Florida area. So thankful for the time we had there🙏😃 while I never ever knew my butt could physically hurt that much from paddling it was totally worth the pain 🤣🤣😝!! Some of our team members are heading there this week .go and rock it @buschbuccaneers 😁! #paddlesup 🐉