Spring Fit Test

Into the woods we go! ☺️Just love the feel and smell of spring 🌻🌿🍃🌱 yesterday we had our dragon boat fit test where we are marked on number of squats, sit ups, pushups we can complete in 2 min… plank till you can’t hold it anymore and of course a 500m test on the erg. I’ll admit, the erg has always been a challenge of mine so I was a little freaked out going into it!! Our coach compares our results from those back in October as a benchmark. Happy to report that both of us increased our numbers in all exercises. woohoo! 🎉 My goal now is to get my erg time down to 2:05 min for 500m. Currently it’s at 2:08! Andrew smoked it with a 1:42 time! #winnerwinnerchickendinner lol😯