Where Are You Spring? A Very Snowy April

❗️warning❗️an extra long post ahead😂😂 Happy hump day peeps !!!✌🏻 What’s shaking for you all this Wednesday??? While not exactly what you hope for in April , we are dealing with the white stuff here once again and some cold temps! Weather aside, we made it out for our training run this weekend, finishing off at about 23.6km!! I won’t lie, it was probably one of the toughest runs physically, I’ve ever done . The wind was not very nice and I was ready to call it quits about 15km in due to aches and pains and general tiredness. This guy always motivates me to get it done and do my best ❤️🙌🏻 although sometimes I’d rather not hear the “only 5km to go talk” when I’m already struggling to move my legs another second lol😐😜, in the end it’s the encouragement that gives me that extra boost I need to complete it ( he knows even while I get annoyed sometimes, it’s my #imexhaustedanddontwannatalkanymore, mood coming out lol) and so there’s usually a degree of mutual understanding😅🙃 I’m not sure what this weekend will bring , as I’ve been battling some weird symptoms and may need to take this weekend off to give my body a break but we will make that decision later. I’m not great at listening to my body and taking time off sometimes, so I’m working on doing that cause recovery is just as important as training right ?! Another drawn-out post for you all hahaha. 🌀PS- keep posting all of your sunny, snow-free, gorgeous paddling pics !! Looooove seeing where you dragonboat!!! 🐉